A few of my favourite venues in Surrey

For the past seven years I have photographed many weddings in many venues. Here are a few of my favourite venues in Surrey. If your still looking to book your venue, this may give you a starting point or you may even see the venue for you! There can be so many factors to be considered when choosing a venue; How many people can it cater for? What time does the music have to stop? Does the booking include any accommodation for friends and family? Are pets welcome and if so, can my six dogs sleep in the room next door?

But more often than not, your decision will come from ‘that’ feeling. That gut feeling when you walk up to the grand entrance, or when our first step into the spectacular ceremony room. The feeling you can’t explain but you know it is just ‘right’. All the other practical reasons for choosing a venue can be thrown to sidelines because this is the venue you have dreamt about! Hopefully my guide will give you a starting point on your wedding planning journey and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!